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America Has a Lot of Work to Do in the Wake of the Orlando Shooting

Before we even knew how many innocent lives were lost in the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday, many were already rushing to lay blame. Media commentators, politicians and bystanders alike speculated out loud. Anyone who could do something like this, many agreed, couldn’t be one of us. Our kind could never be capable of such inhumanity. It must be a Muslim, a maniac, an immigrant, an other. (Read more)

Ten Things White People Need to Quit Saying

While I've never been especially fond of political correctness for its own sake, I've encountered enough well-meaning white people embarrassing themselves to know that a brief tutorial can't hurt... (Click to keep reading.)


Thriving With Bipolar Disorder

“You need to lower your expectations for your life.” By the time I first heard this, I had already graduated from law school, passed the bar exam, earned a master’s in public health and published my first book. I was 29 years old. (Click to keep reading.)

A Message from Your Muslim Neighbors

As someone who writes about the news, I can't exactly ignore it. Still, lately, I have been tempted.....This week, overwhelmed by the national news, I sent out the following message on my neighborhood chat under the subject "From Your Muslim Neighbors"... READ MORE


Bad Muslim?

I don't speak Arabic. I rarely pray more than once a day. I don't cover my hair. I curse. I sing. I dance. I paint my nails. I sport spaghetti straps. I love dogs. And if pork and alcohol didn't smell so nasty to me, I'd have no trouble consuming either. I have jokingly called myself a "bad Muslim" in the past on account of all of this, but that stops today... READ MORE

Listening to Domestic Violence Through a Wall

“Bitch, I’m gonna kill you!” he yelled, so loudly that it woke us up in the apartment next door. There were no more words after that. The bangs and crashes spoke for themselves. (Read more)

Why Ben Carson Cannot Be President

... I have no doubt that Dr. Carson is a fantastic surgeon, and I highly encourage him to keep doing what he's good at, what made him famous, what made him loved and what kept him far too busy--presumably and understandably--to read the United States Constitution. (Read more)

A Persian in Therapy

My people don’t do psychotherapy. We have friends. We have families. We have pharmacies. Paying strangers to listen to our problems isn’t our style. (Read More)