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A Persian in Therapy

My people don’t do psychotherapy. We have friends. We have families. We have pharmacies. Paying strangers to listen to our problems isn’t our style. (READ MORE)

Treat, Don't Traumatize

Given plans to introduce at least two mental health reform bills in Congress this month, some have high hopes that our leaders will soon deliver meaningful mental health reform. I do not. (Click to continue.)

5 Tips From Your Sober Holiday Guest

When people first learn that I don't drink alcohol, they often request an explanation. Mine is rarely consistent. Sometimes I say I don't like the taste. Sometimes I say I'm Muslim. Sometimes I say I have a medical condition. All are true, but none in isolation contains a full explanation. (Click to continue.)

ALTmuslimah ALTmontage

Q. How do you bring about real change? 

A. The formula that works for me: Take countless heaping teaspoons of persistence and add a dash of delusion. I’m blessed in that rejection only makes me work harder to prove my doubters wrong, and I’m prone to delusions of grandeur thanks to my mental illness. (Read the entire interview here.)

Straight Talk interview with Nick Lawrence - WEEU 830

Haldol And Hyacinths, by Iranian-American, attorney, and award-winning author, Melody Moezzi, delves into the mysterious and often misunderstood world of Bi-Polar Disorder. Listen as Melody tells her harrowing story of missed and mis-diagnoses, and her journey through our dysfunctional mental illness health care system. Her passionate and compassionate approach to helping those suffering from this manic-depressive syndrome, will be an inspiration to all who suffer with this often debilitating condition.

When Reader Inspires Author

To the joy and horror of authors everywhere, it's never been easier for readers to reach us. And given the value so many publishers now place on platform, celebrity and branding, very few authors can afford to be reclusive. So we do the professionally responsible thing. We make ourselves available to our readers -- through websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and the list goes on. (Click to continue.)

A Useful List of Books About Depression by Someone Being Treated For Chronic Depression

"This list is for anyone who is suffering from depression, or for family and friends of the depressed. These books have given me the best understanding of what it is that I go through chemically, and how to empathize with the suicidal brain." (Click to continue.)

Melody Moezzi on bipolar disorder...

Iranian-American author Melody Moezzi on her life outside of mental illness, and love for her family and writing. She spoke to Azra Thakur. (Click to continue.)