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Iran Comes Back to the Bargaining Table on Nuclear Program

Patrick Clawson, Hooman Majd, Melody Moezzi and Robin Wright participate in a panel discussion about Iran's future on KCRW's To The Point. (Click to listen.)


Who Really Ought to Be Afraid of Iran?

Assuming the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran is truly attempting to build a nuclear weapon (which I suspect is about as likely as it building a giant sculpture of a pig in the middle of Azadi square), who ought to be most afraid? The United States? Nope. Great Britain? By no means. Israel? Lo. Iraq? La. Afghanistan? Naah. Saudi Arabia? La. In short, not a single one of these nations need be afraid.

This article was crossposted at Al-Arabiya and The Malta Independent.


Go back to your country

You never forget the first time you’re told to “go back to your country.” It’s like being punched in the heart and stomach simultaneously. This article was crossposted at The Huffington Post.


Youth ready to wrest power from old guard

The vast majority of political power in Iran today lies in the hands of old bearded men in robes and turbans, plus a short cartoonish-looking man with a penchant for provocation and “Members Only” jackets.

This article was crossposted at Inter Press Service and The Malta Independent.


Hyphen Magazine: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

Melody Moezzi’s “Love in the Time of Biohazards” cuts through the romantic fantasies about love and zeros in on the commitment, devotion, empathy, and endurance it takes to authentically love another human being facing health challenges. The women’s requests, prayers, and negotiations with God underscore how deeply love and spirituality are intertwined. (Click to continue.)


Book Review: Love, InshAllah

“Love in the Time of Biohazards” by Melody Moezzi tests the resolve and patience of a young couple surviving the author’s sickness. While all the stories in this book are exceptional and unique in their own way, the following quote from Moezzi’s chapter further echoes the “finding-love-through-God” element found in all the stories: “I had seen God in everything there, the people I met, the lakes I swam in, the glaciers I slid down, the wildflowers I couldn’t pick, even the bears and moose that terrified me -and I had fallen in love with Him.


Forging Alliances Across Civilizations

Last week marked the fourth annual United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) Forum, a three-day conference held in Doha, Qatar.

Honoring Ashura in Iran

This Monday marks the Muslim holy day of Ashura, a day that is perhaps nowhere more ardently commemorated than in Iran. The only way to fully understand what this day means to so many Iranians is to delve into a history that has repeated itself there for years on end.


Will Saudi Women Lose Their Virginity En Masse If They Start Driving?

My first thought is “no,” followed by a swift “none of your business.” But that wasn’t the conclusion of a recent report prepared for Saudi Arabia’s legislative assembly by a well-known academic. He predicted that if Saudi women were given the right to drive, those who had never had sex would quickly start losing their virginity as easily as they might their car keys.